BrandingHarmony in Diversity – Introducing Evermore’s 2024 Color Palette

Harmony in Diversity – Introducing Evermore’s 2024 Color Palette

The year 2024 is here, and true to our promise, so is our palette shake-up. As we bid farewell to our short-lived inaugural colors, we welcome a fresh collection of… opposites.

After years of fostering creative teams, I’ve found a consistent truth: when you create a safe space of respect and curiousity and pull together perspectives from both the neurotypical and the neurodiverse in the room, the most brilliant and powerful ideas emerge. It’s the friction and synergy between these opposites that ignite creativity. Without this delicate balance, ideas can fall flat or veer off course. Therefore, the presence of both right and left-brained thinkers is essential to achieve harmony.

But the harmony of opposites isn’t limited to ideas; it extends to colors as well. That’s why hues on the opposite side of the color wheel are termed “complementary.” Paired together, they create a visual masterpiece. So, for 2024, we’ve embraced colors from both ends of the wheel. Our theme? Growth, because, hey, we’re growing! So expect colors symbolizing everything from the stem to the flower itself.
Now, let’s meet our warm-side hues:

Terracotta: A bold and energetic color symbolizing passion, enthusiasm, and the courage to stand out.

Merlot: Sophistication that even James Bond would tip his martini to.

Peach Bud: The official ambassador of sweetness, abundance, and good vibes.

Lilac: A shade embodying creativity, wisdom, and open-mindedness.

And from the cooler side we have:

Velvet Spruce: A shade that embodies stability, endurance, and a touch of mystery.

Myrtle Green: Mother Nature would be jealous of this level of growth and harmony.

Sea Green: The hue of underwater tea parties and the rebellious wave that decided to be a little greener than its siblings.

Apart, they may be just “eh,” but together, they glow! 
Opposites are meant to work together. As I glance from my business partner’s pristine and organized desk, equipped with $12 pens and neat files, to my own jungle of papers, Pantone chips, and pens probably snagged from the latest trade show, I can’t help but laugh quietly. Even we are on opposite sides of our very own color wheel. Yet, together, we steadfastly believe that when individuals with different perspectives collaborate, the result is something far more beautiful and impactful than anything created in isolation.
In conclusion, as we embark on this colorful journey into 2024, we invite you to witness the magic that arises when opposites come together. Our new palette tells a story of harmony and growth, a testament to the belief that diversity fuels creativity.

And speaking of diversity, we’re not just embracing it in our colors; we’re actively seeking it in our team. Evermore is on the lookout for creative minds from both ends of the spectrum. Whether you’re a meticulous organizer with a penchant for $12 pens, a free-spirited explorer lost in a jungle of ideas and Pantone chips, or someone striking a balance between the two, there’s a place for you here. Join us in creating something extraordinary, where diverse perspectives aren’t just celebrated—it’s a fundamental part of who we are.

Apply now and let’s design the future together! 🎨🌈 #JoinEvermore #CreativityKnowsNoBounds 

-By Jodie Pundsack, Evermore Co. Partner and Creative Strategist

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