Teamwork makes the dream work.

Jodie Pundsack

Creative Strategy | Partner

  • Passion for your job: I believe that when you are truly passionate about whatever it is in life you can work tirelessly and still feel like you haven’t worked at all. Because when your career is your passion you are always filling your own cup. I love getting to know people and their businesses beyond surface level in order to develop unique and impactful creative marketing campaigns that shine. 
  • Inspiration: Spring, early mornings, and watching my children grow.
  • Who I am: I grew up on a small dairy farm in Greenwald, MN. I embraced creativity watching my mom paint and crochet as a child. I cherish the time I was able to live in the beautiful and eclectic city of Duluth while attending UMD. Today you will find me in my element if I’m in my flower garden or with a camera taking photos of my kids.
  • Fun fact about me: Some people (see below) say that the bananas I eat are too green. Insert eye roll here. 
  • Quote with ever more: Embrace the art of becoming evermore. Ask questions and push boundaries. You will not only find your truth but create it. 

Jessica Johnson

Marketing Strategy | Partner

Passion for your job: I love helping clients find solutions to their marketing challenges. It’s incredibly fulfilling to build genuine, trusting relationships with each and every one of them. My ultimate goal is for every company and individual we collaborate with to feel fantastic about the partnership they have with our talented team. We genuinely care about our clients and want them to feel confident and assured that they’ve made the right choice by partnering with Evermore.

  • Inspiration: nature, love to write outdoors
  • Who I am: small town girl, went to CSB/SJU, married my best friend, love to travel, know more about sports than most people (including women and men)
  • Fun fact about me: I am not afraid of public speaking – I actually find it fun!
  • Quote with ever more: I hope to remain ever more passionate, embracing a lifelong fire for what I love.

Layne Halvorsen

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

  • Passion for your job: I love creating designs that will impact real people- creating a game changing logo for a small business or working with a new business to create their very first business cards. Making companies a reality.
  • Inspiration: Nature, Animals, Music
  • Who I am: Quirky artist with a passion for design & illustration. Graduate of UW Stout, avid rock climber & punk rock fan.
  • Fun fact about me: I can touch my nose with my tongue
  • Quote with ever more: regardless of what happens, kindness conquers evermore.

Abbygail Heinen

Marketing Coordinator

  • Passion for your job: I have always had a love for helping, more specifically, helping businesses grow; it has always been something that I have felt pulled to when looking for what avenues I want to pursue in my career. Additionally, talking to people about what they feel passionate about and learning about their industry ignites excitement for me to help them expand their message.
  • Inspiration: Coffee, Tea, and Outdoors
  • Who I am:  I am a student at SCSU majoring in Marketing. When not working on school projects, I love being outside. Whether hiking through local trails or pushing my limits running long distances. Beyond being outdoors, I love to try new foods whenever possible.
  • Fun Fact about me: I take my cat on hikes!
  • Quote with Evermore: Always embrace challenges with determination, for in the face of adversity, your light can shine evermore brightly.

Aly Peterson

Digital Coordinator/Copywriter

  • Passion for your job: I have a passion for the message that goes with the product. Writing these messages is something that gives me energy and I love to match that message with the clients wants and needs for the product and projects that we are creating.
  • Inspiration: out of the box clothing style and small town coffee shops
  • Who I am: I grew up in a town that I would say is smaller. There, I got to work at a local coffee shop which grew my passion for working with people and finding different ways to be creative. I now attend the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University where I study communication and gender studies.
  • Fun fact about me: I collect old newspaper articles from historical events in history!
  • Quote with ever more: Immerse yourself in all passions ever more. 

Behind the Scenes

Web Developer Duo

Evermore Co. works with a duo of seasoned web developers from Central Minnesota with a passion for crafting elegant and efficient digital experiences. Over the years, they have played a significant role in creating websites, applications, and online platforms that have made a positive impact on numerous lives and are excited to be working side-by-side with Evermore Co.

Their desire to remain behind the digital veil doesn’t stem from a place of secrecy but rather from the belief that the internet should be a place where ideas, skills, and creations take precedence over personal information. Rest assured, your website project is in good hands as their passion for delivering clean, user-friendly, and secure solutions has earned them recognition within the web development community.

Digital Strategists

We have a team of seasoned digital strategists who operate from the shadows, orchestrating impactful online campaigns and optimizing digital landscapes for businesses and individuals alike. With an innate ability to perceive the intricacies of the digital world, they work tirelessly behind the scenes, devising comprehensive strategies that drive growth, engagement, and success. 

Drawing from a diverse skill set and a wealth of experience, the team specializes in leveraging the power of data analytics, market insights, and emerging technologies to unlock the full potential of online platforms. From defining brand personas and mapping customer journeys to fine-tuning SEO tactics and social media blueprints, their expertise covers the entire spectrum of the digital domain.


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