BrandingEvermore’s Changing Palette: A Journey of Creativity

Evermore’s Changing Palette: A Journey of Creativity

There is a reason why you see so many creative people wearing the color black. In our creative industry, it’s well-known for this obsidian hue to fill our closets and become our uniform. From the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, to Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck, and even the cloaks adorned by Stevie Nicks, you’ll find this to be true.

But why? We are not merely tortured souls hoping to fade into the background, nor are we witches casting spells. It’s not that we find ourselves pretentious or above it all. 

It’s because we are the medium, the paintbrush, the creators of communication, and it’s our message and ideas – NOT US – that need to be in color. Black is not just a color (or lack of) for us; it is our storytelling cloak, our creative armor, and where inspiration begins.

So what does this mean for Evermore?

When Jessica and I deliberated on our visual brand identity, it was for those reasons that it was almost instinctual that our colors would encompass black and white. Furthermore, creatives easily get bored, and the last thing we needed was to be married to a color palette so soon in the infancy of our agency. To our core, it is our belief that what we do is not about us at all; it’s about raising our clients up and helping them show their colors to the world. So black and white it was – modest, modern, and mysterious. 

But we wanted to take this one step further. So we decided to adopt a secondary palette of colors to use throughout our brand, but with a twist – we would change this palette every year (because, well, like I said, we get bored).

This secondary palette will be released at the beginning of every year (although our clients will get a sneak peek in December). And because everything we do here at Evermore is intentional, there will be a reason for every color and palette we choose. These reasons might change from year to year. For example, we might base our color palette on forecasting trends, the current vibe of our society, or to convey the tone of the upcoming year. It could also be that we are communicating values or happenings of our agency.

Each color carries its own message, and as we constantly evolve and grow, our message must evolve with us. For example, marriage. I think we can all agree that the partner we married is not the same person now that we met at first sight. The same holds true for our agency. By taking on this endeavor, we are adhering to our values of always growing and reaching to be evermore. See what I did there? 😉

That brings me to our debut palette. These colors represent our hopes and values for Evermore Co. The colors we choose are Serene, Navy, Lavender, Khaki, and Mint. Together, it’s a softer palette, reminding Jessica and me to be gentle and kind to ourselves as we get this agency off the ground. Starting a new business (no matter how established we are) takes a lot of grit and courage and is not for the faint of heart. So in those 90-hour weeks, this palette will help us remember to take care of ourselves in the process.

We initially felt apprehensive about embracing a more feminine palette because we didn’t want to favor one gender over another. Success in our industry isn’t determined by the gender of agency leaders but by their character and passion for their craft. However, we had a change of heart and decided to fully embrace it in this inaugural palette, as we are a women-led agency and should take pride in that fact. Because we’re contributing to progress; as only 1% of ad agencies are owned by women according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies. Additionally, we’re pleased to see that over half of the marketing agencies in our local area are either led or owned by women.

Individually, each color in this palette stands on its own with its own meaning.
So here goes:

Navy: Evermore Co. isn’t exactly the new kid on the block. I used to be an owner and founder of Gaslight Creative for a solid 14 years, and before that, I did design work at another agency for five years. Jessica, well, she rocked the role of account executive at Gaslight for quite a while, and she even held the title of Marketing Director at United Way for an impressive 13 years. Let’s just say us “geriatric millennials” have been around the block a few times. We’ve got the experience under our belts, and the color Navy represents that. Knowing our clients trust us and rely on our expertise is a big deal for us. It’s something we take great pride in.

Serene: Positive energy is important to Jessica and I. We are notorious for being hopeless optimists, while others may roll their eyes. But to be true to ourselves, this is the world we prefer to live in. Serene, which is basically a soft teal, symbolizes this positivity as it is often associated with a sense of balance, calmness, and clarity. Furthermore, teal (Serene) stimulates creativity and innovation. This can inspire fresh ideas and encourage creative thinking.

Lavender: Choosing lavender was a nod to our female-run business. Our leadership focuses on the well-being and personal growth of our staff and clients through empathy and compassion which you’ll commonly find in women-led agencies. Women are often ridiculed for being too sensitive. However, I’ve always seen sensitivity and vulnerability as a strength. When people feel comfortable and let their guards down, we can better understand the truth behind their facade. And in our world, creativity and communication are always more effective when we are leading from our truths. Our job is to engage, make people feel something, and inspire action. We are better equipped to do this when we lead with grace and sensitivity. 

Khaki: We make it a point to stay grounded in everything we do. Both Jessica and I hail from humble beginnings, where hard work was highly respected and people had little patience for superiority and inflated egos. This is where Evermore draws its grit. We don’t shy away from putting in long hours when deadlines are looming. For us, running a marketing agency isn’t about acquiring the title of “owner”; it’s about putting our passion to work. As a result, our clients see us as down-to-earth, approachable, and relatable individuals. 

Mint: Despite our extensive experience, our agency acknowledges that there’s always more to learn. The color Mint embodies this concept of transformation. We wholeheartedly embrace change and constantly seek new opportunities for growth. Evermore’s commitment is to keep evolving, learning, and adapting to the times. As I’ve always maintained, the moment you think you know everything is the moment you should consider leaving this industry, as you risk becoming irrelevant. This means we remain curious, open to learning, maintain high expectations, and, most importantly, committed to challenging ourselves and the status quo.

In closing, our 2023 palette, featuring Serene, Navy, Lavender, Khaki, and Mint, symbolizes our hopes and values for the future. It’s a reminder to be kind to ourselves as we navigate the challenges of starting a new business. We’re not just embracing these colors for their aesthetics; we’re embracing them as symbols of our agency’s character. As we journey into the future, our colors will tell our story, and we invite you to join us as we continue to evolve, inspire, and create. Thank you for being a part of Evermore’s changing palette.

-By Jodie Pundsack, Evermore Co. Partner and Creative Strategist

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