BrandingOur Favorite Projects and Why

Our Favorite Projects and Why

Jodie – March Of Dimes

I loved working on the March of Dimes Signature Chefs’ Auction branding and collateral. From quilling to food art it was nice to step away from the screen to collaborate and help originate art to be used throughout the event. Creating type by shaping onion salt and sugar with paint brushes was incredibly satisfying. The end result was stunning, unique, and elevated the event’s brand to a whole new level.

Jessica – St. Cloud Financial Credit Union

How in the hell am I supposed to pick my favorite project?!?!? I truly love every project I work on for different reasons – well, almost 😉 every project. Sidne said I had to pick just one; therefore, I am going to go with the St. Cloud Financial Credit Union bus wrap in 2019. This project was truly larger than life, and I would get so hysterical when I saw it around town that I would scream with excitement to the point where I nearly caused several accidents. The concept was out of this world – uncommon imagery such as unicorns and ufos – and different from a typical financial institution. Such fun memories 🙂

Layne – Encore Financial

Designing a logo for Encore Financial was a fulfilling experience that allowed me to blend my passion for creativity with the precision required in the financial sector. Fueled by the company’s name, “Encore,” I embraced the challenge of crafting a symbol that evoked a sense of stability, growth, and sophistication. Exploring various design concepts, I aimed to capture the essence of financial prowess while maintaining a touch of elegance. Iterating through color palettes and typography, I finally arrived at a sleek and timeless logo that beautifully conveyed the company’s values and objectives. Witnessing the logo come to life filled me with immense pride and satisfaction, knowing that my creative contribution would play a part in shaping Encore Financial’s brand identity for years to come.

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