BusinessEveryone is Hiring. How Will Your Business Stand Out?

Everyone is Hiring. How Will Your Business Stand Out?

It’s true, everywhere you look there are “Now Hiring” signs from billboards, store windows, social media, take-out menus, to bathroom stalls. Even before COVID-19 hit our globe, some industries were struggling to fill open positions and we are well aware by now that the pandemic didn’t help.

How do you stand out amid the crowd when a lot of companies are performing salary audits, raising their minimum wage, adding to their benefits package, and offering starting bonuses? The answer isn’t straightforward. An intensive recruitment marketing approach could be required.

What used to work to hire employees might not work now. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing market – which includes gaining a robust workforce. Here are our favorite tips for finding the right staff.

“What used to work to hire employees might not work now.”

Be competitive: Market research should be done. What are your competitors up to these days? What do comparable positions have to offer? Yes, you may need to boost your salary, increase your PTO, and offer hiring incentives as a result of this. If your “product,” or in this case, your open position, is not up to pace with the competition, you may fall flat.

Get creative & choose your words wisely: “Now hiring” is not going to catch anyone’s attention. Create ads, posters, signs, etc. that reflect your brand. Make sure you highlight that you are hiring, but use eye-catching fonts and colors. Write a clever message that keeps your company top of mind. Also, consider using the word “career” vs. “job” to imply long-term. Create a simple message and establish an easy way to apply it.

Be true to your brand: Use a recruitment campaign to strengthen your brand within the community. With everyone offering similar salaries and benefits, showcase your culture. Make your place of business the place people want to work. Your employees should be your biggest advocates. Ensure they are happy and promote your brand outside the four walls. If they sing your praises, others are more likely to join your team.

Utilize multiple marketing channels: You might have to spend money to find suitable candidates, whereas prior to the pandemic, you could rely on word-of-mouth or referrals. Although social media was once the go-to platform for recruiting personnel, it has become much more challenging to find skilled employees. While we don’t recommend eliminating social media as a strategy, we do encourage combining it with other online initiatives as well as non-traditional methods like bus wraps, cart signage, and restroom posters. Remember to be true to your brand and utilize techniques that are appropriate for the position. Know your audience (in this case, it’s your future employees, not your consumer base).

According to the St. Cloud Area Quarterly Business Report on June 13, 2021, published by St. Cloud State University economists King Banaian and Rich MacDonald, local businesses are experiencing rapid expansion problems, including labor scarcity, higher costs, and accelerated pay increases. When it comes to employment, the pandemic has impacted almost every industry. As it was 12 months ago, the future is unknown, but we can guarantee if you are true to your brand, do market research, get creative and utilize a multi-marketing strategy to recruit employees you will be ahead of your competitors.

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